Cricket 22 Review: New features and broader licensing elevates gaming experience

David Cooper - Writer 17:08 30/12/2021
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  • The gaming world has witnessed a massive surge in the last couple of years.

    An increasing number of sports fans have found themselves turning to video games and cricket has been no different.

    Once again, Big Ants Studio has answered the call of cricket enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves into a new representation of their beloved sport.

    Cricket 22 hit the shelves two years after Cricket 19 which was widely acclaimed as the best video game version of the sport on the market.

    So does its successor satisfy fans?


    Cricket 22 - 1

    Big Ants Studio has always done well in terms of gameplay with its cricket products. And Cricket 22 is certainly their best effort yet.

    The batting provides three separate shot types: Power, Precision and defence while you select the direction of your stroke as well. The timing and feel of batting is good, even though the animations leave room for improvement.

    The bowling on the other hand is as good as it gets. A variety of options are available and the triple-click meter is easy to work with. It’s simple, efficient and most importantly, fun.


    Cricket 22 - 2

    One of the biggest upgrades to the game has been its licencing with New Zealand, West Indies and Ireland coming on board.

    On the domestic circuit, the Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League and The Hundred feature.

    This just makes for a more enjoyable experience. There’s plenty of content to sink your teeth into both on the men’s and women’s side of teams.


    Cricket 22 - 3

    While Cricket 19 did well to provide a career mode worthy of the ample time gamers invested in it, Cricket 22 delivers a deep narrative-driven version of the same.

    Players are immersed into this virtual world as they work their way up from a modest county cricketer to stardom, honing their skills and boosting attributes along the way.

    The cut-scenes add a new element to the career mode and while it doesn’t match up to some of the more big-budget sports games on the market, it’s a solid first attempt.


    Cricket 22 - 4

    The Ashes is the legacy mode of Big Ants Studios’ cricket games and they stay true to their roots by adding little details that have a big impact on the gaming experience.

    While certain glitches remain, the game has definitely progressed.

    Its gameplay is strong and enjoyable. Cricket 22 sees Big Ants Studios take another step in the right direction and is a game that every fan of the sport would appreciate.