Going Out: Tennis for beginners in Abu Dhabi this Ramadan

Denzil Pinto 16:58 02/05/2017
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The course will take place at Zayed Sports City.

With Ramadan soon approaching, there’s no reason not to get active with Zayed Sports City’s (ZSC) new adults tennis programme for beginners.

Administered by ZSC Academy, you can develop your basic skills and knowledge over six sessions on Sundays and Tuesdays between May 28 and June 13.

Adults of all ages with an interest in the sport, whether with previous experience or not, will benefit with each class focusing on a goal, including development of technique, tactics, and rules. On the final night, participants can put their practice to the test by facing their coaches in casual games.

Classes take place between 22:00 and 23:00 and Barry Bremner, general manager of ZSC insists there’s plenty of positives by signing up.

“Maintaining health is a year round commitment, and we are proud that ZSC Academy is offering this new programme during Ramadan,” he said.

“Tennis is becoming more popular in the Emirates and while starting a new sport can be intimidating for adults, this format removes any fear factor. We want to encourage new people into the game – it’s a sport that can be played well into old age and can play a key role in lifelong health.

How to get involved

  • What: Zayed Sports City Beginners Tennis Programme
  • When: May 28-13 June 22:00 to 23:00
  • Where: Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi
  • Contact: Email [email protected]

“I believe that our coaching team is the best in the city. We’ve recruited people with previous experience as high performance players who have now become coaches. On average, our coaches have been at Zayed Sports City for four seasons and their dedication to the site, the sport and their students is very apparent and has made ZSC Academy standout from the others.”

Wilson, the sponsor of ZSC Academy’s tennis programme, will also be offering discounted tennis starter kits to ensure players have the equipment necessary to grow in the sport.

The fee for the programme is Dh600 and registration can be done by emailing [email protected] or calling 02 403 4222.

“Everyone would agree that they would benefit from more fun and more physical activity in their lives,” added Bremner.

“We want to help people maintain their health during Ramadan when physical activity has a tendency to decline, and enjoy themselves in the process.”

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